Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Salem Pottery

New Salem Pottery, located south of Greensboro near Randleman, is owned and operated by Hal Pugh and Eleanor Minnock-Pugh. Hal and Eleanor produce a variety of original redware and stoneware pottery in their workshop/studio. They also specialize in reproducing eighteenth and nineteenth century plain and decorated redware. Their pottery has been displayed and used by universities, historic sites, the movie industry, and living history museums throughout the United States and abroad. Hal and Eleanor turn and decorate their pottery on their family's property, which is the site of an original eighteenth century Quaker pottery run by William Dennis. For more information, directions and hours of operation, go to http://newsalempottery.com/index.html

And of course, there is family member and Australian Cattle Dog, Hannah Selinda.

(photographs copyright 2009 by Dan Routh)


Vito Coppola said...

Images very suggestive and well made ... sincere congratulations!

T. said...

love the image of the hands working the clay, really what pottery is all about, throwing that clay and connecting with it in a sort of visceral way.

Michael Mahan said...

Great people. Great pictures.