Monday, November 17, 2008

Women's Basketball

(image copyright 2008 by Dan Routh)

It's that time of year when college basketball is starting to crank up again, both men's and women's. This image was from the Women's ACC Basketball Tournament from a couple of years ago in Greensboro. UNC versus Miami. And believe me, women's basketball is starting to reach the level of the men's game. I like shooting sports and I do get the occasional game to shoot. Must say I have been run over a couple of times on the baseline. It's always important to shoot with both eyes open.


Jeff said...

Dan, are you running these through HDR or just adding shadow/highlight detail? I really like the effect. I see it in a lot of your shots and it adds an extra dimension that I really like.

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...

On some of my stuff I use a little tonal contrast processing. I use a couple of plugins, Niks and LucisArts. A little can go a long way.