Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Moving Day

(Photo above courtesy of Sara Lyn Photography. Many thanks Sara and Phil. You guys did a wonderful job covering the wedding.)

(image copyright 2008 by Dan Routh)

Today was one of those parent days. You know, rent a Ryder and spend the day sweating trying to get the kids moved into their apartment, struggling all day getting boxes of books and furniture up stairs. But today was a little more special. We moved our son Tristan and his new wife Christine. Married on August 1st and back from their honeymoon, today they launched their life together in their own apartment. Christine was able to get her china on display and her kitchen together, so things really did look like a home. My wife and I are so excited to have a new daughter. She is a keeper! And thanks to my other son Devin and his girlfriend Rain. We couldn't have done it without them. Oh yea, we move Devin on Saturday.

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