Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Wisteria World

The wisteria is in full bloom early this year and already it's starting to take over some shooting spots near my home in Grays Chapel, North Carolina.

(Photographs copyright 2012 by Dan Routh)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dan
Beautiful stuff. I was passing by a similar scene on highway 70 yesterday and had a similar impulse.
I'm based in Chapel Hill, having moved from DC and been on the advisory committee to fotoweekdc. Was a member of ASMP, which is very strong there. Searching for a group of professionals to connect with.

Hope to see you and meet you some time.

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...

Thanks Barbara for the kind remarks. I am also an ASMP member. We are a little spread out in North Carolina, but we try to stay active. John Pagliuca is our President. Here's his profile page. http://www.asmp.org/findaphotographer/profile.php?id=21574&photo_id=36248. I'm sure he will be glad to talk to you. He is located in the Raleigh area.

hima said...

I think that you showed how the wisteria plants brought hew life to your shooting spots. I mean, forgive me for disagreeing with you, but the wisteria-covered car picture is very artistic! I'm wondering, what camera do you use? I'm an amateur, and I'm looking to get my first DSLR soon. What do you recommend?