Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sawing Cedar

I walked out my back door on Saturday morning and with the wind coming from the southeast, I heard my neighbor Gary McMasters' sawmill running in the distance. I went by and found Gary, Charlie and Cecil sawing cedar logs for another neighbor Ronnie Horrell. It fascinates me every time I go by the mill. My Grandfather was a saw miller and I have great respect for Gary's ability as a sawyer. It is an art and takes a tremendous amount of skill and coordination to saw consistently straight and uniform lumber on a mechanical mill like Gary operates and to do it quickly. It's hard, it's dangerous and yet he operates the sawmill fluidly and effortlessly. On Saturday, Gary rolled the logs and operated the carriage while Charlie and Cecil stacked the lumber and slabs.

Below is Ronnie Horrell, for whom Gary was sawing. Ronnie is a thirteen year cancer survivor.

(Photographs copyright 2011 by Dan Routh)

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