Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Liberty Farm and Garden

In rural areas of the country, general stores and farm supply stores act as social centers as well as retail outlets. I stopped by Liberty Farm and Garden in Liberty, North Carolina on a cold winter day to pick up some farm supplies. I was greeted by old friend and classmate Mike Foust on arrival and I found owner Melvin Nunn inside close to the stove.

(Photographs copyright 2010 by Dan Routh)


Michael Mahan said...

I'm glad to see such places thriving. The General Store in Ether closed down recently, but we still have Seagrove Hardware and Tommy's Grocery just down the road from me. At Tommy's there's always a seat available around the table in the back where a couple of current local newspapers are scattered on top.

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...

We're fortunate here in Randolph County that there are still a quite a few of these places that still exist. Centers for local retail, they serve an additional and important purpose in the local community as centers for local news, discourse and occasionally entertainment.