Sunday, October 11, 2009

Facebook Revisited

(photograph copyright 2009 by Dan Routh)

For those readers who are not aware, I was banned by Facebook back in May for no apparent reason I have tried repeatedly to contact them to find out what I did and to request that my account be reinstated, all to no avail. A friend of mine from our local ASMP luncheon group, Jennifer Westmoreland, has been kind enough to create a "Facebook Bring Back Dan Routh" group. The URL is for any of you that are interested. Your help by joining would be appreciated. I can always rejoin Facebook with a new email address, but I spent a lot of time building a group of friends that I would like to keep. Evidently I did something that Facebook didn't like, I did not spam, or post inappropriate items, etc, but I would like to at least be told by the folks at Facebook how and why I was disabled. In fact, the whole thing is pretty silly, because those that know me really well know that personality-wise, I'm not the type of person that gets banned from anything, ever.

Jennifer's website is at:
Please give it a visit.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't seen Dan in years, but he is one of the finest type of people I have ever known. Lou Plummer.