Friday, August 21, 2009

Devin at Dartmouth

My posts this week have been from our trip up to New Hampshire to see my son Devin who is entering graduate school at Dartmouth College. Like most students in this day and time, he's having to figure out how to finance his education and live. So, for the time being, he's working at a food co-op in Hanover. He's enjoying his experience and he likes the people he works with. Just one ironic note. They've placed him in charge of the beer aisle, and unlike most college students, he doesn't drink.

Below, son and mom shopping on the street.

(photographs copyright 2009 by Dan Routh)


Johnz said...

Hey hi Dan, im john. awesome photos, but then 30 years what would i expect, just beautiful. Question, many are at angles so look crooked, Im just me and look at female model photos, mostly. is there somthing I dont see in the subject photograpged sideways. Or rather should I see some detail that I dont.?
anyways amazing stuff that you for sharing it.

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...

Thanks Johnz. Photographs don't have to be cropped so that all lines are parallel to the frame. If you look at an image as a design rather than a picture, sometimes a tilt can add interest to that design. Becomes a subjective preference.

Lisa said...

Oh, I wish I was a tenth as good as you. I can't even figure out how to use the new camera. All my pics are a blur. They are beautiful and NC is the best place for nature pics. Maybe I'm just biased being from Raleigh and all.