Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Scottish Highland Cattle, "Beasts"

A herd of highland cattle grazes just outside of Greensboro. Though I believe these particular cows are kept as pets, the Scottish breed is prized for it's lean meat. The shaggy hair acts as insulation against the cold, a necessity in the cool, damp Highlands of Scotland, so the animals have less fat than standard beef cattle. Smaller in stature than regular beef cows, they have a presence nonetheless.

And yes, both the males and the females have horns.

(photographs copyright by Dan Routh)


Kurt Schlatzer said...

Love these.

Alex Vannoy said...

Love these shots. Are they HDR, either way they're pretty sweet.

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...

Thanks. They aren't really HDR, but there is some post-processing done to them for contrast boost and some selective focus.

SoulMate said...

Wow thats impressive Photo and Animal !!!!

I am Photographer too, welcome to my Blog

best wishes


Me said...

these are really nice photos

Jill Dufour Dai said...

Absolutely wonderful. Love your B&W work.

Nerissa (4-Her) said...

I am a 4-Her in northern Arizona selling minature scotish highland cattle. I am having trouble with people not visiting my site. If visited, it would be preciated so much! It is I built it myself and am paying for it myself. I would like it to get used. Thanks!!!

MisE said...

hey! can you buy prints of any of these images? Scottish cows are my favourite animals :)

Dan Routh Photography, Inc said...


Contact me offline at and we can discuss prints. Thanks.