Sunday, September 28, 2008

Barack Obama and Joe Biden in Greensboro

Coming off the first presidential debate held in Mississippi on Friday, Barack Obama and Joe Biden held a rally in Greensboro yesterday and it was an unbelievable event. Thousands of people (the police said 18-20,000 plus, it looked like a lot more to me) crowded in front of the Depot to hear the candidates speak. The diversity of the crowd amazed me. The skies threatened rain all morning but everyone remained and as Obama spoke people were lined up for blocks. Maybe there still is hope for North Carolina.

Yesterday's event gave me a lot more respect for full-time photo-journalists. I am primarily a commercial photographer, though I do editorial work for magazines. Normally when I shoot, I am in complete control of what I'm shooting, or at least close to it. The logistics of working around such crowds and security as there were at the rally and being able to come up with good coverage and good photos are extremely difficult. 

(images copyright 2008 by Dan Routh)

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